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Free UK Delivery Orders Over £45
Guide to choosing the best shampoo

Guide to choosing the best shampoo

Choosing a shampoo should not be a difficult choice, however, when faced with many options to choose from it can leave us somewhat overwhelmed. 
so what are the fundementals we want to acheive from a shampoo? 
  • Safe on wax,sealants & ceramics.
  • good cleaning power.
  • slickness (lubrication) to help prevent wash marring. 
  • suds to encapsulate dirt and help remove it.
  • easy to use with straight forward instructions. 
Some of us even like our shampoo to contain gloss enhances or a little wax.
But what type of shampoo do you need and when?
Well this all depends on two variables, the currrent condition of the vehicle and what your trying to acheive from your shampoo. 
If your car is well protected with a good wax, sealant or coating then you would tend to opt towards the PH Balanced Pure Shampoo's that do not contain any waxes or gloss enhancers.  This is because these additives are not required and can block up the protective layer and reduce its efficency. 
If you new to the world of pro car care then you will have probably mainly used Autoglym Shampoo Conditioner, this shampoo contains wax additives. So if your looking for shampoo to boost gloss levels on your vehicle and provide a couple of weeks worth of protection then shampoo's with additives are the one for you.
Shampoo's that contain additives are
Stjarangloss Bubblor 
Autoglym Shampoo conditioner 
Angelwax Superior Shampoo 
Angelwax Self Drying Shampoo 
Gyeon Bathe+
Valetpro Advanced Poseidon Shampoo 
SoWax Shine Shampoo 
(The above list is based on stocked products as off 21st August 2021) 
Shampoo Do's & Dont's
Always use the 2 bucket method when cleaning your vehicle. (we will do a seperate guide on this). 
  • Never use a wax additive shampoo on a matte or satin vehicle 
  • never let your shampoo dry on the vehicle 
  • Dont be afraid to use too much, but too little is a big no no. 
  • If in Doubt, give us a call .
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