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The  2  Bucket Method

The 2 Bucket Method

You will have heard the term "The 2 Bucket Method" at some point.
The 2 bucket method is a method used to provide your car with the safest wash possible.  There have been numerous experiments carried out in the past to determine if it is needed or if its just a fashionable phase we are going through. 
Nearly all of these tests have concluded that yes its safer to use the 2 bucket method in the end even if it is just fractionally safer.  Now if your reading this it probably means your fairly new to hobby and lifestyle of "detailing". so we do advise you use this method. 
The 2 Bucket method consists of the use of 2 buckets to wash your vehicle. 
1 bucket for Rinsing your dirty wash mitt and another bucket for containing your shampoo solution. 
  1. Simply Place the suitable grit guards into the base of both buckets. Grit guards prevent your wash mitt sitting in dirt and help to keep the dirt at the bottom of the bucket. 
  2. Fill Both Buckets up with either cold or warm water 
  3. add the required amount of shampoo into your "Wash" Bucket 
  4. [optional] Place half the dosage of shampoo into the "Rinse" Bucket. (we do this purely to keep the mitt constantly loaded with shampoo and help clean the dirt from the wash mitt but it is optional. )
  5. Place your clean wash mitt into the wash bucket and load it with shampoo solution. 
  6. wash one panel at a time and always return the wash mitt to the "rinse" bucket and rinse the mitt out thoroughly to remove dirt before diving in for more shampoo. 
  7. Return to the "Wash" Bucket and repeat the process until the entire vehicle has been washed. 
  8. Rinse the entire vehicle with a pressure washer or hosepipe thoroughly. 

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