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FREE UK Delivery on Orders over £45*

Cyclone Vac Head

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The Features & Benefits! 

Time is Money, and when you can shave off a good chunk of time on interior cleaning then it's got to be worth it! 
  • Proven to be Fast & Effective solution for Vacuuming carpets & Seats.
  • Removes Deep engrained particles from footwells and other areas. 
  • removes Pet Hair with ease using the supplied pet hair attachment. 
  • Suitable for use with most Vacuum cleaners (32mm & 35mm) 

The Tech! 

This device is so simple, yet so effective. 
It works via using the suction from the vacuum to turn the yellow turbine which in turn is connected to a gear on the Brush head via a belt. This spins the brush head at a very high RPM.  

But is it safe? 

As with all of our range at Culture Detailing Club it has been tried and tested to ensure it meets our standards of quality, not just the industry standard! 
Because the brush relies on the suction functionality of the brush head it prevents the brush from getting bogged down into the fabric and causing damage by simply stalling if it encounters an issue or notices too much pressure is being applied. 
This product is that simple to use, we would be surprised to hear of anyone stalling this device. 


What is included: 

  • The Pet Hair Attachment 
  • Converter for 35mm Vacuum Hoses