Precision Brush Kit

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  • Synthetic Hog Hair Bristles provide good Chemical Resistance & Softness 
  • Come as a pack of 3 
  • Lightweight 
  • Supplied in a reusable grip seal pouch 


The StealthVIP "Precision Brush Kit" has been developed with the Vehicle Paintwork Safety & Detailer Efficiency In mind.  The "Precision Brush Kit" provides a brush for each occasion from Wheel Faces & Seals to Interior Vents & Switches. 

It is a true kit for the detailer to requires efficiency & Precision along with Reliability. 

Supplied as kit that includes sizes: 

  • Size 18
  • Size 14
  • Size 10

The three different sizes will ensure that you can reach the tightest of spaces within the engine bay & the largest of surfaces on wheel faces. 

Always rinse out brushes with clean water after use and leave to dry away from any heat source.