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FREE UK Delivery on Orders over £45*

Wheel Wash Mitt

Original price £7.00 - Original price £7.00
Original price £7.00
£7.00 - £7.00
Current price £7.00
  • Super Soft & Dense Microfiber Material
  • One Size Fits All 
  • Holds Insane of suds 
  • Easily clean behind spokes 
  • Supplied in a reusable grip seal pouch for safe storage 

The Wheel Wash Mitt is an extremely easy, effective and safe method of washing your wheels. 

It contains the same Density of Microfiber as our Best Selling "Microfiber Wash Pad"  which ensure your rims are safe from Swirls & Scratches that tend to occur from using the brush style washing media. 

How to use: 

  1. Fill your Bucket with Water and shampoo 
  2. Pre-Rinse your Wheels 
  3. Apply  a Wheel Cleaner to the faces and Barrels of the wheel 
  4. Leave to dwell as per the instructions on the wheel cleaner 
  5. Place your hand in the glove and load it with suds 
  6. wash the wheel ensuring your rinse the glove regular 
  7. Rinse the glove out and ring out excess water. 
  8. Dry the Wheel & Admire your work.